The bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in your home, and certain things might go unnoticed that you should consider paying attention to. Here are some signs that your bathroom might need an upgrade. 6 Signs it is time to upgrade your bathroom

    1.Damage from age
Stains, missing grout, broken tiles, and peeling paint are the warning call that something bigger might be happening behind the seens and you just don’t know it yet. Tile installation contractors Arlington Heights & other suburbs can inspect the areas and see if mold or other damage is present.
    2.Water related issues
Have your water bills gone up substantially, do you hear running water even when the faucet is off, or does your toilet constantly keep filling from the tank? Fittings can break, water lines can corrode, and pipes leak inside the walls. If you have this, it is time to call a bathroom remodel pro in Arlington Heights.
    3.Sniff test
If odors are lingering or it feels like a sauna, even when the shower temp isn’t that hot, your exhaust fan might be broken or have a wiring problem. Excess moisture can cause a buildup of mildew.
    4.Hampering your calm
Ever been in a locker room? Those sweat gym socks and underwear are not a pleasant sight, or smell. If your bathroom has been downgraded to a collection point for dirty laundry, then it might be time to call the pros for bathroom renovations Arlington Heights.
    5.A little old school
Wall paper from the 80s, a toilet with a raised tank, and paint that is lead based. The past was never a good place to be in home decor. If your bathroom looks like something out of a movie from the disco era, taking into the new century is a good idea.
    6.No counter or storage
Older bathrooms weren’t used for more than their intended purpose. So having extra room to do other things wasn’t relevant in the design. A small bathroom remodel in your Arlington Heights home can add the storage space you need for modern times.

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