Our specialties include:

  • Installation of hardwood, engineered, floating, pre-finished, eco-friendly and laminate floors.
  • Sanding and refinishing pre-existing hardwood floors.
  • Installation of custom designs, patterns, borders, inlays and more.
  • Repairs of damaged hardwood floors, including creak-reduction and patchwork.
  • Use of the best stains, including options for custom stain colors.
  • Removal of carpet, tile and old hardwood floors.
  • For more detailed information about Waz Flooring services, please see the services tab.

Laminated Floors

Laminated flooring is really a kind of plywood. It consists of a high-quality veneer glued to a stable substrate, usually plywood or particleboard. Laminate is a base mashed up wood with a computer-generated image (picture) of wood flooring on top. Now, the nice aspect to laminate is that it can be used anywhere, and everywhere - most of them are guaranteed against water, and many other dangers that affect wood. It is usually inexpensive (though, of course it does range). It is floated over a foam or cork underlayment, which allows the floor to move easily. The floors are 'floated' which means that they are not attached to the sub floor, just to each other (some with glue, others with a tension system that holds them together).

Laminate flooring used to be considered merely a substitute for hardwood or tile, but now it is a legitimate medium. The durability is often what initially interests customers. What started out as a simple laminate flooring line with a handful of basic wood grains has burst into a multi-line family available in many wood grain and tile patterns. Below are the photos of installed laminate floors.