Recommended to us by friends, we reached out to Vernon Hills Masonry and Chimney after we determined our fireplace could use an update. We purchased a home with a past and it was obvious that some of its parts were starting to deteriorate. Vernon Hills Masonry and Chimney Repair Vernon Hills took care of our much-needed chimney repair right away. Their work was impeccable! The untrained eye would find difficulty in deciding what area of our fireplace was repaired. Our budget was not large and we were relieved to see the affordable price in the estimate they provided for us.

Our older house additionally has several masonry structures that are going to need some tender care at some point. The Vernon Hills Masonry and Chimney crew assessed them while they were working on our house. Luckily, they did not feel that this work was urgent and that we could put it off a bit longer. We intend to save up the money for these repairs so we can call Vernon Hills Masonry and Chimney Contractors to handle our chimney repair at a later date. All Vernon Hills area masonry owners will tell you to go ahead and rely on Vernon Hills Masonry and Chimney!