Our specialties include:

  • Installation of hardwood, engineered, floating, pre-finished, eco-friendly and laminate floors.
  • Sanding and refinishing pre-existing hardwood floors.
  • Installation of custom designs, patterns, borders, inlays and more.
  • Repairs of damaged hardwood floors, including creak-reduction and patchwork.
  • Use of the best stains, including options for custom stain colors.
  • Removal of carpet, tile and old hardwood floors.
  • For more detailed information about Waz Flooring services, please see the services tab.

Hardwood Flooring Installation & Refinishing Orland Park, IL

Hardwood flooring is a quite popular type of flooring nowadays. It looks elegant, add warm to the place and can lasts for decades when maintained properly. That's why it's so important to choose a right hardwood flooring contractor for your hardwood floor refinishing. Lately there's a new option, a dustless hardwood floor refinishing. It's a way of floor finishing with producing no dust! You can forget about foiling all the house arround. With CMS dustless hardwood floor refinishing Orland Park, you floors with shine like a brand new! If you are looking for trusted and reliable hardwood flooring contractor, that can refinish your hardwoods for affordable price and in quick time, CMS Floors is a place to call.

Hardwood floor refinishing by a professional flooring contractor have one more great advantage. When you paid much money for an installation of high class hardwood flooring, you should take a really good care of it. Who, if not the hardwood flooring specialists, can perform the best hardwood floor refinishing? They got special equipment and needed skills to do this task. Also the dustless hardwood floor refinishing is a totally hard thing to do. If you want a dustless hardwood floor refinishing, you should call a pro!